Acer Glen Logo for Bed and Breakfast in Inverness

Acer Glen Bed & Breakfast in Inverness

Acer Glen B&B is situated in the heart of Inverness, capital of the Highlands, at the mouth of the Great Glen. The B&B is a short walk from Inverness city centre (including the bus and train stations) and it is a short drive from the spectacular countryside that is the Scottish Highlands.

The Muirton Locks

A series of 4 canal locks. Walkable as its just up Fairfield Rd. Distance from Acer Glen: 0.7 Mile – 0.8 Kilometres. More on their website.

Inverness Museum and Art Gallery

Discover more about the unique history and culture of the city of Inverness and the Scottish Highlands at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.Distance from Acer Glen: 0.5 miles – 0.8 Kilometres. More on their web site.

Leaky’s Bookshop

Scotland’s second-largest second hand bookshop housed in a converted church.Distance from Acer Glen: 0.25 miles – 0.4 Kilometres More on their Facebook page.