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Acer Glen Bed & Breakfast in Inverness

‘Highland Hospitality, With a Hint of ‘Maple Flair’

Acer Glen B&B is situated in the heart of Inverness, capital of the Highlands, at the mouth of the Great Glen. The B&B is a short walk from Inverness city centre (including the bus and train stations) and it is a short drive from the spectacular countryside that is the Scottish Highlands.


For smoked venison and venison & pork salami: Great Glen Charcuterie. All of our products are produced by hand and air dried because Jan Jacob is passionate about preserving as much of the unique and unrivalled flavour of wild venison as he possibly can. New ideas drive us forwards and we are always striving to … Read more


For some foods, laundry soap and various cleaning products (Ecover):  The Health Shop. “Friendly knowledgeable staff and a quite staggering range of foodstuffs, herbal teas and healthy things!”


For various foods: Highland Wholefoods Workers Cooperative. “We supply vegetarian, vegan, organic, ethical and environmentally friendly food, drinks and household products to the Highlands, islands and north-east Scotland.”


Our Breakfast Coffee: The Inverness Coffee Roasting Co. “All things coffee are a passion for us here at Inverness Coffee Roasting. From researching the countries and the coffee varieties, roasting the beans, choosing which of the many coffee ‘tools’ to offer to our customers.”


For our sausage, bacon, black pudding & eggs: Duncan Fraser & Son. . At Duncan Fraser & Son our emphasis is very much on top quality local Scottish produce and top quality service.

The Bakery

For bread: The Bakery 72 Tomnahurich Street. Family bakery in Inverness selling sourdough and yeasted breads. ‘Sourdough bread is amazing. Best bread we’ve tasted outside of France!’